Connect. Explore. Learn.

MARCH 8-12, 2022

Grab your computer or mobile device to explore the workplaces that make flight happen! Learn about the careers from the women who work in the air and space industry. Get the inside scoop from industry leaders. Discover training, internships, and career opportunities.

Explore the workplaces and careers of aerospace

Get woman-to-woman career info in 7 industry activity sectors: Build it, Fly it, Guide it, Host it, Supply it, Maintain it, and Teach it.

Access workplaces not opened to the public in 360° VR. Visit an aircraft factory, an airport, a control tower and much more.

Explore various training, internship, and careers opportunities offered by industry exhibitors.

Listen and interact with female industry leaders

Select an avatar persona and speak (or text or video chat) with female industry leaders on March 8, live conference day.

Listen to keynote speakers and attend discussion panels featuring industry experts local to your geographical area on a time zone sensitive schedule.


Connect with female role models. Network with likeminded individuals.


Explore 100+ careers, workplaces, equipment and industry exhibitors.


Enter the multi-faceted world of flight. Interact freely with environments and people.


View careers and visit workplaces across the globe. Meet regional industry leaders.


Janet Petro

NASA’s John F. Kennedy Space Center

Barbara Pelletier

Avionics Technician
Royal Canadian Air Force


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